Parish governance

We are committed at Coveney Parish council to ensure that we are as transparent as possible. Below you can see the minutes, declarations and our planned agendas. You will also see our declarations and statutory filings. If you need further information that can’t be found then please contact the clerk.
Below is a list of our councillors and their corresponding email addresses. If you have any issues you feel need to be raised, a complaint, request for information and so forth please contact the clerk first as the response will be quicker.
Clerk: Sandra Thompson,
Councillor: Chris Senior,
Councillor: Steven Winfield,
Vice Chair: Naomi Ladredo,
Councillor: Andre Benstead:
Agendas and Minutes
Notice of public rights and publication of unaudited annual governance & accountability returns

Notice of vacancy in office of parish councillor

Parish CIL Expenditure

Policies and Procedures

Complaints Policy

Disciplinary Procedure

Financial Regulations 

Grievance Procedure 

Safe Guarding Policy

Standing orders 

Parish online archive
The parish council are proud sponsors, helping a valuable group of volunteers keep the Cambridge community archive network upto date with loads of valuable and historic information on our parish community. click here to visit the page.