Full-Fibre Broadband for Coveney

Would you like faster, more reliable internet connections in Coveney, for roughly the same price that you currently pay?

Or would you like to help your community to get faster internet access, even if you don’t think you’ll need it yourself?

For the last 10 months or so there has been an ongoing project to get Openreach to install full-fibre broadband (or Fibre To The Premises – FTTP) in Coveney. Wardy Hill and Way Head already have this.

Full-fibre broadband uses optical cables to carry information between your house and the telephone exchange, so they suffer from no interference and no reduction in speed as the distance from your house to the exchange increases, while offering speeds up to 1Gbps (= 1000Mbps). Compare this with the roughly 80Mbps achievable if you live right by the “green box” in Park Close, falling to around 12Mbps for some in Gravel End.

The Cambridgeshire village of Spaldwick has already successfully undergone this transformation. You can read about it, and see the broadband packages now available to them, at their website.

To cut a long story short, we might be able to get this installed sometime in the next year, if the government approve our project before 24th September and we have indications of interest amounting to £119k.

That seems like a lot, but for each property that signs-up we can claim £1,500 from the government through their Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme. If the property is home to a small business or sole-trader than this rises to £3,500. And if your current download speed is less than 30Mbps then the local authority will top this up with a further £1,500.

Signing up means that you agree to take on a full fibre broadband package, within two months of it becoming available, for at least a year and that at least doubles your current speed. After that you are free to swap back to whichever package you like – including a non-fibre one if you prefer.

Even if we don’t make the deadline then the indications of interest are still useful – they will help us make our case for installation via two other potential routes: the government’s Project Gigabit; or a commercial roll-out funded by Openreach themselves. The timescale for installation by one of these two projects, if at all, is likely to be around the five to ten year mark, though.

So please, if you live in Coveney and would like to help us, then fill in this form – and try to convince your neighbours to do the same!

Thank you.