Local Highways Initiative

By | March 26, 2021

We are proud to announce that Coveney Parish Council were able to obtain funding and implementation of a traffic calming project at the entrance to Wardy Hill on Jerusalem Drove.  The project aims to slow the traffic coming into Wardy Hill.

The scheme will add a gate styled design to the entrance with the relevant signage painted on the road surface. These kinds of projects have shown to slow vehicles as they realise they are entering a village area.  In addition to this the parish council has agreed to maintain the entrance with regular grass cutting and our new Groundsman will be starting those cuts in April. We have also made a financial contribution to the project of approximately £500.00

We started this project and made the application due to residents feedback on the speed of vehicles even though the speed sign had helped the recent covid restrictions and highways works identified other issues.  A near miss to a resident getting seriously hurt and the increase in walkers has raised serious concerns for those in the area.

The project will now move to a more advance design taking into consideration the concern of sight lines and pedestrians.

Wardy Hill - Witcham

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